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= Mirroring Raspbian =

'''Mirroring the Raspbian repositories:''' Use rsync with ''archive.raspbian.org::archive'' at a frequency of at least twice a day and contact me by email at mpthompson AT gmail DOT com to tell me about your mirror to be included in the list below.

Currently, the repository is about 65GB in size and will likely grow to at least 80GB in size when all the binary packages have been built. Anyone hosting a Raspbian repository mirror should plan on devoting about 100GB to the mirror to handle SD images and future growth of the repository.

=== Raspbian Repository Mirrors ===
||Europe||Germany||Hexxeh||Coming Soon...||
||North America||USA||Hexxeh||http://distribution-us.hexxeh.net/raspbian/archive/raspbian||
Please see https://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianMirrors